Top 5 Reasons to Seek Representation from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Your head is still spinning from the impact and already an orderly queue of host bills and other demanding paperwork from local law enforcement, insurance companies and doctors fees is laying siege to your homestead. Then there may be an unending stream of questions and particulars that must be addressed with your ‘still-spinning’ head. At least this is how my brother explained to me what happened before he called his new york car accident attorney.
And even though you are surrounded by so many people who can help to describe just how bad your situation is getting, there is not a friendly face in sight who can offer some clues on how to escape your predicament. This is when a personal injury lawyer can offer you some friendly aid.
Believe it or not, this whole big shebang we call society operates on some very essential guidelines and rules to which we are all subject. Having a lawyer can help to plot a course to salvation through a veritable minefield of litigation.
Following are some more good reasons to seek representation from a reputable personal injury lawyer.

1. An Experienced Guide
Professional personal injury attorneys will have extensive experience handling the particulars of this sort of case, if you are surrounded by personal injury quandary an attorney can help to explain the viability of your case and give you some keen perspective on your options. This can save you time, money and even being held responsible for hefty fines levied against you.
2. Slice Through the Red Tape and Legal Work
These Personal injury cases are full of mountains and mountains of paperwork, bureaucracy and an entire new language known only as ‘legalese.’ Unless you have had extensive experience navigating this terrain you may find making the slightest progress on your case an insurmountable obstacle.
The experience a personal injury lawyer has gleaned in his years of practice, will give them the insights to navigate this maze quickly and efficiently. This will be invaluable to getting yourself the favorable ruling you are hoping for.
3. Cool Objectivity
The aftermath of an accident or injury can be a very difficult time for anyone, certainly not the ideal conditions for making smart decisions. A lawyer will be able to provide that objectivity that will win a case.
4. Investigative Teams
In order to build the best representation in your favor, a personal injury lawyer will be able to hire the right kind of investigatory team to look into the incident and produce a favourable case. The technical aspects are very important to the outcome of the case and only professional investigators can be expected to produce favorable results.
In Conclusion
There are many other reasons that having your case represented by a qualified personal injury lawyer comes so highly recommended. A professional opinion and years of experience are just some of the advantages they bring to the case. But in themselves, these are the two advantages that will give you the best chance of coming out on top and getting the justice you deserve.

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Cueto Files Defamation Lawsuit Against “Critics”

 The Belleville News-Democrat today reports on lawsuit by disbarred Madison County plaintiffs’ attorney Amiel Cueto. According to the story, Cueto is “alleging that published statements in the Belleville News-Democrat and The Madison-St. Clair Record invaded his privacy and cast him in a false light:

Cueto, who is representing himself, filed a two-count lawsuit against Tom Muskopf, of Belleville, for a letter published Nov. 9, 2005 in the News-Democrat. Cueto is seeking damages of $75,000 on each of the counts.


In the letter, Muskopf wrote that Cueto, his former client Thomas Venezia and others had “somehow got control of the electronic version of the decades-old punch-board scam,” according to the lawsuit, which Cueto filed Nov. 8.

Venezia, a former client of Cueto’s, went to prison after being convicted on racketeering charges related to his $48 million video-poker and strip-club operation. A reputable theft lawyer Chicago had done research on him and discovered the criminal action. However, Venezia shot to death his female roommate and himself in July 2005 before testifying.

Cueto contends Muskopf’s statement is “defamatory per se,” and he wrote it with “intentional or reckless disregard for the truth,” according to Cueto’s lawsuit. He also contends that Muskopf acted with intentional disregard for the truth when he stated in the same letter: “The only way Cueto will ever tell the truth about his conspirators is if he outlives them, or undergoes testosterone treatment,” according to Cueto’s lawsuit.

Cueto is also suing The Record … and, perhaps, Ed Murnane, president of the Illinois Civil Justice League (although the name is misspelled and Ed is not affiliated with The Record):
Also on Nov. 8, Cueto filed suit against The Record and against a man named Ed Murname, for remarks contained in an editorial published Jan. 30 entitled “Pulling Strings?”

The editorial stated Cueto was spotted “at a meeting of St. Clair County judges at Belleville’s Washington Street Grille on Jan. 19,” Cueto alleged in his lawsuit.

Cueto denied taking part in such a meeting. He called the statement “highly offensive to a reasonable person” and “defamatory per se, in that it accused Amiel Cueto of a criminal conspiracy to commit official misconduct…” according to his lawsuit.


Ed Murnane, president of the Illinois Civil Justice League, said he believes Cueto has mixed up his name with someone else’s since “Murname” is so similar-sounding to his own.

Murnane denied any involvement with The Record.

“I find it amusing,” he said of the lawsuit.